Sunoco Logistics

$2 Billion Sunoco Logistics installation of a 180-mile petroleum pipeline from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

Harrison Road

The City of East Lansing desired to complete a “Road Diet” on Harrison Road near MSU.

Manistee Beach

Completion of a long permitting process including county, state, and federal permitting.

Sunoco Logistics

Project:  Sunoco Explorer Petroleum Pipeline

Location:  Northern Ohio and  Western Pennsylvania

Client:  Sunoco Logistics

Sunoco Logistics planned a massive $2 Billion project to install an approximately 180-mile petroleum pipeline from Tiffin, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through open cut and horizontal directional drilling methods across terrain that ranged from agricultural flat lands to mountainous.

Permitting for the crossing roads, highways, railroads, wetlands, certain private properties, and steep terrain required an extensive amount of surveying to locate property corners, encroachments, waterway and road cross sections, easement staking, construction staking, as-built locating. To further complicate the investigation,  Wolverine had an extremely tight work deadlines in some of the worst weather conditions to keep this massive project on schedule.

Harrison Road – East Lansing

Project:  Harrison Road and Signals Replacement

Location:  East Lansing, Michigan

Client:  City of East Lansing

The City of East Lansing desired to complete a “Road Diet” on portions of Harrison Road on or near the campus of Michigan State University.  Broken up into several projects, Wolverine survey crews provided topographic and construction staking services for the road project as well as for the signals replacement of the intersection of Harrison Road and Kalamazoo Street. Wolverine also provided Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering services for the project.

Manistee Beach

Project:  Manistee Beach Development

Location:    Manistee, Michigan

Client:   Confidential

Our client owned a large parcel of pristine dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan and wished to create a residential development that utilized the property without disturbing its natural beauty.  In addition to being a very complicated survey boundary project, the lakeshore property was in a critical dune area. Wolverine was tasked to complete the long permitting process which included county, state, and federal permitting along with the standard approvals required for a development.  Wolverine surveyors provided topographic, boundary, and permitting services.

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