Engineered Drain Fields

Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. can accommodate all your residential on-site wastewater needs.  Our staff of professional engineers and registered sanitarians are well known and respected at all the county health departments in the Central and South Central Michigan area.  We will work closely with homeowners from design and permitting to the installation of the system.  Wolverine is very sensitive to the fact that the typical homeowner has a great deal of their personal assets invested in their home and only a general understanding of their wastewater treatment needs.  Probably one of the biggest sources of stress of a failing septic system is not knowing what to do next and how much longer until their lives can return to normal.  Our experts at Wolverine will patiently walk you through the process and ensure that you will end up with a system that meets your needs and budget.

In addition to our consulting expertise, we are also one of the largest suppliers of drain field pumps, piping, tanks, fittings, etc. in the Central and South Central Michigan area.  By designing the system and supplying the materials,  homeowners know that they will end up with a highly functional, low maintenance system at a very reasonable cost.  Contact us now for an estimate.

Services Include:

  • Design of “alternative” engineered drain fields including:
    • Aerobic treatment units (ATUs)
    • Pressure dosed mounds
    • Sand filters
    • Stabilization lagoons
  • Evaluation of existing on-site wastewater systems and water wells for real estate transactions.
  • Soil evaluations for acceptance of on-site wastewater systems for prospective land splits, subdivisions, and site development.
  • Trouble shooting of existing engineered systems.

Exclusive Distributors

In addition, through Wolverine Wastewater, LLC a subsidiary of Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, is the exclusive distributor of Hydro-Action Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU) to the entire southern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula as well as the largest dedicated supplier of  drain field construction materials in the Central Michigan area.

We stock all piping, fittings, pumps, and controls for a wide variety of systems.

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